Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dancing in my Head

While I've been standing over steaming dye pots in this last week, or winding yarn into dyeable skeins, my mind has been far away in Scotland.

I've been daydreaming about my story, keeping open to the Muses as the ideas flow in.  The story is building, bit by bit, though the opening still remains a mystery.  My main characters also need their back-stories.   I've also been jotting the ideas of various scenes onto 3x5 cards (think recipe cards), as seems to be common amongst screenwriters.  Once I get enough of these ideas solidly in place, I will start to write it all down in rough blocks of prose.  After enough of that is completed, I can actually put it into screenplay format.  Screenplay format?

Oh, yes, there is a very strict format for screenplays.  And if a wannabe screenwriter doesn't turn a script in with the specific formatting, it won't get looked at.  It's like learning a new language, like HTML, in this case, a new way to write/format.  I tried it, a little, but I have such an unclear idea of both the specific dialogue and the new format, that it was very short lived.  It's fun though, have the screenwriting program on my computer, just waiting for me to be ready with knowledge on how to use and abuse it, and with a full story to attach it to.

In case the impatience doesn't come through, it's here.  Along with the impatience for my summer time-off to come, and my work at the GC dye studio to be done.  I'm ready for time off now!

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