Sunday, July 11, 2010

This week on the needles, July 11th

I'm starting a new sort of blog post.  A way to keep track of my knitting, for me, and possibly for you, should you care.  I'm going to try to make this a weekly reoccurring post, hence the title "This week..."

I'm absolutely commited to finishing all my WIPs (either by knitting them or, if needs be frogging (ripping out) and reknitting, or frogging altogether and using the yarn for some other purpose).  This also means no starting of new projects until I've completed everything.  So I'll be at this for several months, I suspect, as I had way too much "startitis" in the last year and have many WIPs/UFOs (Work-In-Progress/Un-Finished-Objects).  I've got five pairs of socks to complete, three sweaters, two sweaters that are almost completed but are huge on me so need to be frogged and started again, two shawls, one lace-knitting scarf, one regular ribbed scarf, one small sweater for my son, a cowl, a shawl for someone else, a Clapotis, and a felted bag.  Yes, all that.  Can you tell I'll have enough knitting on my hands for the next six months or so?

So what I've currently got on the needles that I'm actively working on is my Estelle cardigan (the one that was too large in the yoke so needed to be reknit), and it has a deadline of the end of July.
I'm actually moving forward very nicely on this.  This time, the cardi is obviously more "stripey", as I decided the only way to balance the blend of the lighter and darker skein was to alternate more overall with a ball of lighter and a ball of darker at a time.  This way the light and dark will be more distributed and yes, give some stripes, but at least the whole thing will look like this.

The second item on the needles is a pair of socks.  They are called "Red Brick Road" by Wendy Johnson, with a mostly stockinette body and faux cables along each side.  Very easy.  I started them in April of 2009, when I was obsessed with orange.  I completed the first sock by June of that year, cuff-down, though the pattern calls for toe-up.  At that point I didn't know about the easy toe-up starts, so made it cuff-down.  The second sock needed to be knit, and now that I've joined the 12 Socks Project, where WIPs socks are allowed, I decided to start with the sock project that was closest to completion.
These are being knit with the indie dyer numma numma, in her sock yarn called "The Usual", in the "Chinese Takeout" colourway.  Yes, they are really orange!  But I love the colour and the multi-plied yarn is great, albeit a little splitty when doing certain stitches.  The second sock is moving along really quickly so I don't anticipate this taking to long.  Will definitely have these done as my "July Socks".
The final project that I've been working along casually, with no particular pattern or deadline, is a basic triangle shawl, mostly in garter stitch, with some sort of nice lacy edging later on.  I'm working on it with two skeins of my own hand-dyed single-ply fingering, in the Broceliande colouway, alternating the skeins at one end to even out the differences between the skeins and show off the variegation nicely.
I'm using 4.5mm Addi Turbos needles (love!) and the slender singles yarn moves so smoothly along their shiny surface.

That's all for this week :-)

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