Sunday, August 1, 2010

This week on the needles, August 1st

Now that I've finished my main two recent projects (the purple Estelle cardigan and the orange socks), I get to move into August with two-three WIPs that need to be completed.  I can't recall if I mentioned this earlier in a post, but I'm not letting myself start any new knitting until I complete ALL my WIPs (works-in-progress).  So I have much work to do.

So for this week, and likely to fill some of August, I have two projects to work on.

The first is my QED Hoodie sweater that I started earlier this year (March), and have now completed the body and need to finish the arms.  Hopefully I'll have that done this week.  It'll be a great casual winter pullover sweater.  Pictures to follow upon completion.

And second is another pair of socks that need to be finished.  These will also be my "August" socks for the 12 socks project (a pair a month).  I am knitting them out of my own hand-dyed Kuan-Yin sock yarn (merino/cashmere/silk), in another Wendy D. Johnson pattern from one of her toe-up sock pattern books.  It's a diamond gansey pattern.  Pretty basic, but I can't really watch TV/Movies while doing it with all the knit/purl changes.  It's good for podcasts and audiobooks though.

That's it for this week :-)

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