Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week on the needles & in the ears, August 15th

I'm combining this week, the blog posts about what I'm knitting and listening to, as they are usually happening at the same time.

On the needles, I have completed the first sock (my "August Socks") of my green Diamond Gansey socks, knitted with my own hand-dyed Kuan-Yin sock yarn in the "Eriu" colourway.  I had divided the skein into two, one for each sock.  They are toe-up socks.  I was casting off/binding off the first sock when I ran out of yarn in the last 10 stitches.  So I stole a yard or two from the second part of the skein.  Hopefully I can still get the same size sock in the second go.

The other project I've been working on is my QED Hoodie, which is now complete.  Mostly.  I finished knitting the kangaroo pocket, and now just need to sew it on.  Then a little weaving in of ends and I'm ready to make use of it this fall.  Pictures to follow after sewing is complete.

As for what I'm listening to, I've mentioned previously about starting the second of the Outlander novels, called Dragonfly in Amber.  I intend to use this for the knitting of the second green sock, in the remaining two weeks of August.

I've also subscribed to two new crafting podcasts - Knit a Journey, and Caithness Craft Collective.  Don't know much about them yet, but will report back once I've listened to a few episodes of each.

Off to bed now, with a belly full of Rooibus tea...

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