Friday, September 3, 2010


Through the Electric Sheep podcast, I've discovered the wonky world of  This amusing website (and book!) comb through the wonderful and weird world of to bring you the odd and sometimes disturbing hand-made products that people make and sell.  Regretsy's tagline is "Where DIY meets WTF", and it appears to be very much the case.  Just looking at the current front page has me shaking my head and laughing.  Case in point - the first picture under the heading of "Baby Jones Locker", of a fish-bowl "Welcome Baby" jelly candle with a baby doll suspended in the "watery" depths.  The caption below says "Nothing says 'Sorry your baby drowned in a boating accident' like a forever candle.  Eep!

Check it out - you'll see what I mean!


  1. Oh man, I must have spent an hour or more on that site last night. SO incredibly funny! I blame you entirely for my wasted evening. ;)