Friday, October 1, 2010

Debating with myself

I know I've mentioned in a few previous posts the idea of starting a podcast.  And yes, I do really like the idea, however, as I think on it longer, I am not sure if I'll be able to start soon.  For those of you who have been reading (or read back) since the start of this podcast this past May, I stated in there somewhere that I tend to over commit myself.  I bring on many projects at the same time, and spread myself too thin, and then grow exhausted and grumpy.  This time I would like to keep my schedule fairly simple, with only a few things on the go.  I need to re-stock my online store (Gaia's Colours), but will be doing this somewhat slowly, and I need to get moving on my screenplay story (it's time has come, I think).  Starting and maintaining a podcasting will be taking a backseat, for the time being.  It's still there though, and I will continue to play around with ideas, good sound quality, etc.

So this is to keep you updated, just in case you wondered about the podcast, and what was happening with me.  I'm busy, as always, and trying my best to be creative and still enjoy the process.

I've got other posts to write soon, but for now, I'm off to an appointment, then dinner and my weekly knit night.


  1. Can't wait until you win the oscar for best original screen play!!

  2. Thanks! I'd just be happy to have it actually finished and be made into a real movie, with the actors I want in it (*dreams*)