Sunday, October 31, 2010


I had a meeting with a screenwriting mentor today, who I have been working a little with via email for the last month.  We met for two hours to really tack down the plotline/acts of my story and I feel great about it!  It's starting to come together, starting to feel *real*.

Just excited.  Had to share :-)

P.S. Steps to throw me over the moon about this project:
1) complete the story/script to professional industry standards
2) have the screenplay bought
3) have it made into an actual movie (!!!)
4) be able to be a part of the moviemaking process or at least be able to visit the set
5) see my name in the credits on the big screen.

Ah, a girl can dream, right?  And perhaps work towards achieving that dream?


  1. Neato!! Is this something that you do for a living? Or a dream you've always had, but are just now working on? :)

    Congrats either way!

  2. Making your dreams come true!! One step at a time!!You have a plan and your actully working towards it, and that is how dreams come true!!

    (Insert Applause Here!!!)

    (I use a lot of excamation points and parentheses)

  3. For Sarah: Writing is something I've enjoyed doing for a long time, and have played with the idea of doing it for a living, if possible. the screenplay story just presented itself to me, so I've run with it. If all goes well, maybe it could become something of a career.

    For Garret: Thank you! And I love exclamation marks and parentheses as well :-)