Sunday, November 14, 2010

This week on the needles - November 14th

I have been both busy knitting and busy not knitting lately.  I've also been starting and working on pieces when other WIPs/UFOs lay ignored.  Ah, as is the nature of a non-monogamous knitter, which I fully admit to being!

Right, to the knitting...!

As I mentioned in the last "This week on the needles" in late October, I started a cardigan for my youngest son.  It's coming along nicely.  I'm about 2-3 inches from completing the body, then I get to add the sleeves.  Then some colourful buttons, and we're good to go.  WIP picture below:

I've recently started two new projects.  First is a shawl pattern by Ysolda Teague, called "Damson".  I wanted to make use of an amazingly soft alpaca/silk/cashmere fingering yarn called "Sumptuosity Fingering", hand-dyed in blue/purple/pink semi-solid loveliness by All for the Love of Yarn dyer Angela.  Angela and I recently participated in an indie dyer's swap through Ravelry.  I sent her a skein of my Kuan-Yin sock yarn in the deep ruby/blood red "Brigid".  I think we are both pretty pleased with our traded yarns.  Yarn p@rn below:

The skein is knitting up so nicely - a fine fingering, and the pattern, so far, is pretty easy.

And the second new project I started the other day is test knitting a new sock pattern called "Don't Ask Y", by Janelle.  I am using my own hand-dyed sock yarn called Heithrun Sock, a merino/cashmere/nylon sock base that is very popular and lovely to knit with.  The colourway is a test dye called "Red Kuri Squash".  I'm using the pattern instructions for the "large" size (64 stitches total), and following the written (as opposed to the charted) instructions.  Will keep you posted.
The sock so far:

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  1. ~good morning...ever so delighted you stumbled upon my little place as now i have found yours...your knitting is simply pretty much just knit in a straight line...hehehe...pattern illiterate but trying to learn to read them!!! gorgeous is the sweater you are working on...warm wishes and brightest blessings~