Sunday, January 16, 2011

On and off the needles, January 16th, 2011

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted a knitting update - November 21st was the last time.  Now I have certainly been knitting since then, quite a lot actually.  Especially with being sick and needing down time, my hands have been kept busy.  So I have three FOs (finished objects) to show, and a few WIPs to mention.

The first finished project:

I started (Nov 28th) and completed (Dec 28th) a pullover turtleneck.  The pattern is called "Tang", by Wendy Bernard, in her Custom Knits book, which focuses on seamless, customizable knitting.  I really wanted a turtleneck, as my neck is often cold, both indoors and out, from about October to early May.  I knit it up with my own hand-dyed yarn, Mama Quilla Worsted, in the semi-solid stone-gray (with touches of pale sage green) "Anaxerate" colourway.  Previously I had only knit a small toque hat with this yarn, for my youngest son.  It is a real pleasure to knit with, spun up very like the single-ply Malabrigo Worsted, but, in my opinion, even softer.  I knit up the sweater with very little difficulty, and really, the only challenge was learning how to properly pick-up stitches (for the set-in sleeves and turtleneck collar), so that they looked nice and even.  By the way, the sides may look a bit odd on this sweater - billowing, then tucked in - I purposely did extra decreases in the waist to have a less boxy-looking sweater.  It fits me perfectly!

The second project:

This piece is the blue & green cardigan for my youngest son. He chose the yarn colours (from the two choices I offered him), and I knit it up.  The cardigan is a basic top-down, seamless, yoked piece.  The only change I made was making a garter stitch button-band, knit as I went, rather than picking up the stitches along the sides and knitting them after. I haven't blocked it yet, so the button-band is still curly, plus it still need some fun buttons.

The third FO:

My most recent completed project is the Damson shawl, from designer Ysolda Teague.  I decided on this simple shawl pattern to showcase the wonderful hand-dyed alpaca/silk/cashmere fingering yarn from All For The Love Of Yarn.  I think I showed this yarn off in a previous blog post.  I had been admiring and petting it for a while, so decided to actually do something with it.  Knitting with this fine fingering was like knitting with heavenly air - so light, and pleasant to work with.  Think I'll have to bring in a small amount from that supplier - lovely stuff (it's also available in a lace-weight too!).

And what have I brought out of hibernation to finish?  A garter-stitch shawl that I'm making up as I go, and the DK lace scarf (La Novia) that really needs to be finished (it's the scarf that never ends!, plus some socks that I started ages ago.

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