Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cutting down the carbs

No, I'm going all Atkin's Diet on y'all.  But I am changing how and what I eat.  I have been pretty good about my diet - all organic veggies and fruit, local food as much as I can find/afford, making most of what we eat from scratch, etc.  However, I have been doing some reading online, and decided to cut out most of the refined/starchy carbs from my day-to-day diet.  This means most breads (except the odd bit of the sprouted grain "made without flour" Ezekiel kind), and other baking unless I do it myself, avoiding most flour products, really.  I already don't eat white rice, well, only rarely in take-out sushi, and can watch what types and how much pasta I eat too.

Now, this avoidance of flour products makes eating things like wraps and burgers at home challenging.  However, I've figured out a decent substitute for buns and such - lettuce!  Yes, the lovely, large leaves of a Red-Leaf or Romaine are tasty and easy to work with, plus it's an extra "veggie" serving.  I'm not talking Iceberg lettuce here - it has to be a darker green leaf type.  Even chard would do!  So healthy!

I just finished a very yummy, albeit messy, venison burger, from Vancouver Island deer (22grams of protein, 7grams of fat, and 157 calories), my home-made organic hummus, organic romaine lettuce,  organic local sunflower sprouts, organic avocado, local cheese, and a little mayo (the only "bad" thing in the burger).  It was easy to put together - just cook the patty, add the cheese, and layer into the lettuce leaves.

I could see this becoming a tasty habit!

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  1. Cutting down on carbs has health benefits with a balanced diet.