Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Doctor Who fun

I found this video through Ravelry yesterday.  It's a fun amateur song & dance from the cast and crew of the TV show "Doctor Who", as a send-off to the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant.  Gave me a giggle or two...

NaNoWriMo (Rebel!)

That's right, I am a rebel.  A NaNoWriMo rebel. 

You see, most of the NaNoWriMo participants are writing novels.  It is "National Novel Writing Month", after all.  But I am working on my screenplay, thus the "rebel" part.  

Having decided to follow the NaNo mandate to concentrate on writing for the month of November, I decided to see if I could complete the first draft version of the entire second Act of my script (the largest part of the story).  It's about time I get this baby written!  Besides, much of December will likely be a write-off, with my boys home from school for some of it, and the usual busy-ness of that month (all the holiday feasting/baking/celebrating...).

Is anyone else writing this month - novel, screenplay or otherwise?

With a calm joy, whilst typing at my kitchen table, with a view of golden maple leaves and grey skies out my window,